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6 Month Basic
12 Month Basic
12 Month
Executive Membership PRIME
(excluding Contact List)
12 Month
Executive Membership PLUS
(includes Contact List)

Trade Floor Postings
(30 per day)



Additional Employees

----- $200 per additional employee $250 per additional employee 1** 3**

Full Directrory Access


Verification Service


Value of $200

Value of $200

Value of $200

Value of $200

BEC Program

$1000/year ----- Option to buy at 40% off
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Value of $1000/year

Value of $1000/year

Advanced Account Statistics


Email Contact List

Can be purchased for $1600 Can be purchased for $1600 Can be purchased for $1600 Can be purchased for $1600
Value of $1600

Banner Ad on Trading Floor

------ ------

3 Months

3 Months

6 Months


COST: $600

COST: $1000
COST: $1500*
Value of 3600
Savings of $2100

COST: $2500*
Value of $5200
Savings of $2700

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*Executive membership also includes:
  • BACKGROUND/VERIFICATION SERVICE: Verification services of unknown companies maximum of 5 per month
  • LEAD GENERATION PROGRAM: Searches performed by your account representative for products not on our trading floor
**Contact customer service for pricing on additional employees

Credits for Background Verification services can be purchased for $100 each or 7 for $500.

*****ENTERPRISE MEDIA SPONSORSHIP - Includes all of the 12 month Executive Membership benefits. We will also include your company logo on all promotional emails that are published twice a week, 40 weeks/year to over 16,000 buyers and sellers on over 1,280,000 emails each year. Please contact customer service for pricing.